Product & Service


Body Building

  1. Double Decker Buses.
  2. Single Decker Buses for Export.
  3. Mini Buses.
  4. Police Vans.
  5. Tippers of all sizes.
  6. Tankers of all sizes and for carrying different products.
  7. Dust separation systems.
  8. Bottom Loading Tankers.
  9. Cesspool Emptiers of different sizes.
  10. Dumper Placers.
  11. Explosive Vans.


Heavy Engineering & Construction
Engineering Fabrication Erection

  1. Heavy and Medium Sized Pallets.
  2. Heavy duty Vertical Racks.
  3. Precision Engineering Products.
  4. Heavy Fabrication.
  5. Fabrication with Erection at Site.
  6. Erection and Commissioning Jobs at Site.
  7. Cement Silos and it's Allied Products.
  8. Pre Fabricated Sheds with complete Insulation.