About Us


Mehrotra Industries was started by our Founder and Chairman Shri Beni Madhab Mehrotra in May 1969. We started out with Vehicle Body Building at our Howrah Plant. During the Early Eighties when Business was booming we opened other manufacturing plants in Garia, Lake Gardens and also in Chennai. Known to be the Leaders in our field and one of the most prominent Vehicle Body Builders in Eastern India we were always very Customer Oriented putting a lot of Emphasis on Quality and Delivery Commitments. It is this Mantra that always kept us ahead of our competition and earned us Very Loyal Customers. We also had the Distinction of manufacturing the widest range of Types of Bodies in India.

It was in 2002 that we decided to diversify into Structural Fabrication along with Site Erection Works. We had our Company in Chennai to start these jobs in Chennai since at that time there was a lot of infrastructure coming up in Chennai. We were primarily doing all kinds of PEB’s and other kinds of Sheds. We were also into Heavy Structural Fabrication and onsite erection jobs for a number of companies.

From 2014 onwards we have also started doing Heavy Structural Fabrication in Kolkata at our Howrah Plant. With our dynamic team we have been making inroads into the Industry in West Bengal and now are in the process of Expansion to service more of our Loyal Clientele and have our presence in most big Projects happening in Eastern India.


BODY BUILDING and STRUCTURAL FABRICATIONS are no longer a mere mechanical manufacturing exercise alone but a virtual passion which becomes revealing with every single product that rolls out from the shop floor of Mehrotra Industries.

A vision of Service and Commitment to the nation which was conceived as far as back in the late 60’s has since been translated into a reality.

The organisation which was born 60 years ago with its first manufacturing unit at Howrah in West Bengal has been identified ever since by the leading Govt./Semi Govt. users, major Fleet owners & Transport Contractors of the country as their trustworthy and reliable source of quality bodies to meet the varying needs of commercial vehicle bodies.


We had a big order of precision Paint skids and dip skids with near 0 tolerance for paint shop of M/s. TATA Motors Ltd., for NANO Project at Singur from M/s. DURR India Pvt. Ltd. who are globally well known as paint shop installation specialist for having 21 branches all over the world and having already worked in India for Hyundai, TATA Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra and others. Unfortunately for us owing to strong resistance from a Political Party that activity stands suspended as of now. This particular job was a challenge as we have had to make the components with near 0 tolerance with Heat Treatment having been subjected to critical German quality before approval.

Apart from the above we have vast experience of fabricating mobile mobile skid vehicle mounted container similar to freight container for uses in remote project sites for office, canteen, dining, toilet and bunk type living quarters with arrangement for installation of air conditioning units duly insulated for quality air conditioning.

We hasten to add that in order to seek expansion of capacity, Product base and diversification we can cater to heavy fabrication work as we have had experience for fabricating and supplying heavy components for Nyvelli Lignite Corporation under orders from M/s. WMI Cranes (MAN) collaboration from Germany . The components fabricated by us were subjected to tripartite inspection by the end user, German personnel and Indian collaborators.

The product schedule of Mehrotra Industries entails a big list of different types of auto Bodies for commercial vehicles encompassing a very large and wide spread namely, Tipper/Dumper Bodies, High Tech Buses, Deluxe Buses, Double Decker City Buses, Load Bodies, Police Vans, Army Vehicles, Special type Service Van and Refrigerated Vans, Cesspool Emptier, Tanker, Dumper Placer. We have expertise in fitment of Hydraulics and Mechanical Cranes on the vehicles and also supply and fabrication of Multilift-Hydraulic-Mechanisms.

Mehrotra Industries are today one of the few leading fabricators in the country with an accreditation as an Authorized Body Builder of the Major Original Equipment Manufacturers and in the same capacity continue to meet their regular requirements of Bus/Tipper Bodies for both the Domestic and Export market as well as structural fabrications for International Companies.